Zyme Tech is the leading African provider of Enzymatic cleaning and hygiene solutions to the marketplace, serving customers in the Food service, Hotel, Retail, Health care, Food and Beverage sectors. We are committed to providing enzymatic products incorporated into detergents, thereby opening the way to a more ecological biotechnology which is far more effective.

Enzymatic cleaning exceeds current hygiene levels by boosting detergent activities. Enzymes are 100% biodegradable and are more effective at a lower cost energy consumption. They also accelerate water purification.

Zyme Tech is concerned about the environment and future generations, and thus our hygiene solutions contribute to sustainable development.

Zymetech, a South African company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, was specialising in Hazmat spill clean-up operations, when we realised the effectiveness if enzymatic and biotechnological products ,and has now shifted all our attention to green chemistry technology.

These products, used for cleaning and waste water treatment, have the added features of combining real effectiveness with respect for the environment. Industrial food and beverage processing generates specific cleaning challenges where enzymes prove their worth by speeding up and improving cleaning performance and maximising equipment utilization.

ZYMETECH - About Us - Bio Technology


Zymetech specialise in the detection, treatment and prevention of microbial contaminations commonly known as Biofilm. Biofilm is a collection of bacteria encased in extra cellular polymeric substance, commonly known as slime.

We bring with us specialised experience for over 30 years of enzymatic cleaning technology.

We have specialised products for the deep cleaning of surgical equipment, and Pharmaceutical open surfaces.


Our Research & Development team Realco are based in Belgium, and constantly working to produce new products, improve manufacturing processes and develop new applications. The result of this research allows us to regularly release innovative products to the market which best meet the specific requirements of customers and consumers.

Realco protects the fruits of its research by filing patents. Its developments are regularly acknowledged by the scientific or professional world; this is evidenced by the different prizes and awards that it has to its credit.

The Enzyme based method

It was a major discovery on the properties of natural enzymes, which are both excellent cleaners and purifiers, that has enabled REALCO to manufacture and sell innovative ENZYME-BASED products. These products have applications in both cleaning and water treatment.

Advantages of Ezyme based products

  • Performance of a deeper cleaning.
  • Staff safety (pH neutral).
  • Maintenance of a high-performing tool (pH neutral).